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Showcase Open Jobs

Sprout Social’s Job Board is an application that lives directly on your company's Facebook page. Job Board makes it easier for HR teams, employees and everyone connected to your brand to share open positions.

Open jobs highlighted on your Facebook page

Tap into Your Fan Base

A sound social media strategy engages enthusiastic fans and creates a large network—a network that likely goes untapped when it comes to job recruiting. Job Board takes advantage of your social connections to increase referrals and bring passionate people directly to HR teams and hiring managers.

Job opportunities can be shared on Facebook and Twitter

Publish and Share

Align with the rest of your social strategy and easily publish, manage and share job listings across Facebook and Twitter. In a few simple steps you can leverage brand loyalty, discover top talent and identify candidates to fill open positions.

Publish, Manage & Share

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Install Job Board on your Facebook page and showcase up to 3 jobs at a time—at no charge. You can also upgrade to our paid plan to list up to 15 jobs for $99 per month.

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